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Unwanted Hair
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Both men and women seek laser hair removal services to have unwanted hair removed.  Hair removal is commonly done on the upper lip, chin, back, underarms, abdomen, bikini lines, neck, legs, arms, hands or toes.


IPL uses a spectrum of multiple wavelengths of light energy to target, heat and destroy its target. IPL targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle, therefore the darker the hair the more heat that is generated and the easier it is to destroy the hair follicle.  IPL hair removal treatments work best on individuals with light skin and dark hair.  Brown and black hair are ideal; blonde, red, white or grey hair are not good candidates for hair removal treatments as these hair colours do not contain much melanin. Also, darker skin colour means that the melanin in the skin will absorb a lot of the energy of the IPL instead of the hair follicle making it more difficult to eliminate the hair.


At your complementary consultation our skin care professionals will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the treatment and determine your specific treatment plan including the number of treatments and the interval at which your treatments will occur.