At Ageless Skin Rejuvenation, we’re proud to offer award-winning and scientifically-proven skin care products. One of which available for you here in our medical SPA is HydroPeptide®’s anti-aging skin care line.

What is HydroPeptide®?

hydropeptide in Sault Ste MarieDeveloped by Dr. Louise Peck, the HydroPeptide® collection is recognized as the authority in anti-aging skin care products.

HydroPeptide® uses shorter chains of amino acids or tiny protein fragments called peptides. Each product is meticulously designed to contain just the right level and combination of peptides.

These peptides are known to show immediate results. They penetrate deep into the cells to boost hydration, reduce visible signs of aging, and bring out your skin’s glow.

Used in over 24 countries, HydroPeptide® continues to deliver positive results, delighting even the most discerning clients.

The team behind HydroPeptide® also continues to invest time and expertise in improving their product range, analyzing the safest and most effective ingredients.

Advantages of HydroPeptide® Anti-Aging Products 

If you have been switching from one skin care product to another but are still looking for solutions for your aging skin, try HydroPeptide®.

Here are the advantages that these products offer.

  • Safe and proven effective
  • Works for all skin ages, types, and conditions
  • Eliminates use of harsh chemicals, investing instead in the power of peptides
  • Addresses wrinkles and fine lines on skin
  • Lessens skin discoloration
  • Minimizes appearance of blemishes

Discover More About HydroPeptide®

At Ageless Skin Rejuvenation, we ensure that any skincare product we recommend you, our patients, is safe.

You’re always welcome to visit our office to know more about HydroPeptide® Products. Take this opportunity to also consult with our cosmetic enhancement professionals.

The best skin care solution for you may be just within your reach. Discover more of the amazing results that HydroPeptide® can give you!

For any questions, please contact us at 705-575-7546 or send us an email at info@agelessskin.ca.